CWI/CWE Prep Course

Time: Monday through Saturday, 8am - 4:30pm, half hour lunch break

Cost: $1250

WTTI offers training courses that help prepare you to pass qualification exams for becoming an AWS Certified Weld Inspector (CWI)/Certified Welding Educator (CWE). Our course instructors include AWS Senior and Certified Weld Inspectors (SCWI and CWIs) who each have over 35 years experience in welding inspection and education.

The CWI/CWE preparation course provides a comprehensive review over a one week period, for a total of 48 instructional hours and can be taught at our facility or yours.

The week includes:

  • Three days of theory on welding inspection technology
  • One day of code clinic to teach you how to efficiently navigate through AWS D1.1 code book and correctly interpret specifying documents
  • Two day workshop offering hands-on instruction in visual inspection and non-destructive testing

WTTI is an AWS commissioned exam site. The test can be administered on an individual or a group basis. Call us in advance to schedule an appointment for taking the AWS CWI exam at our facility, then submit your test application to AWS for acceptance (typically received within six weeks). Follow this link to request CWI/CWE Prep Course Seminar Information.

WTTI can also schedule a date for those who must take their nine year renewal exam.

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